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Our Mission

Live the Vacation of your Dream

Experiencing a new town or destination like a local can be the most enriching way to understand and appreciate it. Salty Dog Vacations offers guests a chance to embrace the beach life to the fullest.

Stay in vacation rental homes or condos that feel like your own, allowing you to fully immerse in the local lifestyle. Let go of stress and unwind as you watch the sunsets paint the sky in beautiful hues.

Join the neighborhood vibe by waving to friendly neighbors as you walk to the beach with your surfboard, even if it’s just to try. Explore the charming beach shops or take a leisurely bike ride along the coast while catching glimpses of dolphins playing in the ocean.

Discover the finest dining and entertainment spots with Salty Dog Vacations’ handpicked recommendations. These are not just random suggestions; they are places and activities that the hosts and their friends genuinely enjoy. You’ll find the best restaurants, the most exciting places, hidden local gems, and the secret spots that Central Florida has to offer.

By living like a local through Salty Dog Vacations, you can connect with the community, savor authentic experiences, and truly embrace the beach life in Central Florida.

Our Vision

A Story That Lives Forever.

Vacation memories last forever.  Whether your traveling with friends, family, coworkers or solo, there is a specialness to travel that stays in your soul.  Each of us at Salty Dog Vacations live our motto.  Living at the beach and working in vacation rentals, truly is living the vacation of our dreams!  We don’t even think it’s work.  We hope you love our little town so much that you’ll come back for years to come.  Let us know if you want to stay forever and Krista, Kym, Tiana and Jordan are all agents that can find you the perfect Florida home.


Unforgettable experiences tailored to you

Want a meal prepared at your vacation home by a private chef featuring local fare?  Looking to rent a golf cart or have a birthday party on the beach?  Our partners at The Elite Concierge can do everything from pre-stocking your fridge before you arrive, delivering surf boards, setting up massages, calling in IV hydration after a late night or setting up a post-beach day taco bar by the pool.  Whatever you desire, check out our partners at


Explore Salty Dog Vacation Homes

From seven bedroom mansions on the beach to studio condos, we have the properties for any size groups and budgets.  Luxury, pet-friendly, ocean front, we have you covered at Salty Dog Vacations. 

vacation rental real estate

Ready to have your home in paradise?  Want a vacation home that you can rent out to offset expenses but gives you a place to make lifelong memories too?  Krista, Kym, Tiana and Jordan, all Salty Dogs, are also Realtors with Realty Pros Assured.  Their team is the premier vacation rental investor agents, focusing on cash-flowing properties, strong CAP rates and unique properties that will give you an edge in occupancy rates. Contact us to find your perfect vacation home.  Self-manage or have us manage your rental property

A Local Project Manager for Your Renovations

With our local contractor connections and our team at Salty Decor, Salty Dog Vacations can manage your home or condo renovation and set up your unit for owners that live out of town.  We’ve overseen motel renovations, home renovations and even commercial.  Ask us about our Project Management packages.  

Salty Decor Adds the Magic Tough

Some of our owners want to decorate their pads, others prefer to let someone else set up their vacation home.  Adding a local flair and making certain to pay attention to detail-for any budget-the decor team at Salty Decor will get your vacation rental ready for 5-star guests and 5-star reviews. 

Flexibility in your Investments

Sometimes it may make sense to rent your place short-term, and other times you may want monthly or annual rentals.  Some of our owners use their units half the year and rent out the rest.  Others owners have never even been to Florida!  Regardless what type of investor you are, Salty Dog and our partnerships have you covered!

Salty Dog Long Term Property Management

Salty Dog Vacations works with Salty Dog Long Term Property Management for long-term and commercial property management.  Contact us at 386-202-3051 and ask to speak to a long term or commercial rental specialist.